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Title: Hijacking footage: Ethiopian Airlines' pilot's announcement caught on camera phone

Published: 18 Feb 2014

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Camera phone footage has captured the moment the pilot of an Ethiopian Airlines flight told passengers the plane had been hijacked. In the video, the captain of the flight can be heard giving his account of the events shortly after the plane had touched down in Switzerland. "After about an hour of flight time, I left the cockpit for two seconds to go to the toilet. In that instant, the co-pilot, who was obviously alone, took control of the aeroplane and did not allow me to re-enter the cockpit, " he said. "The co-pilot is still closed inside the cockpit but he is not armed and therefore there is no risk anymore," he reassured passengers, continuing, "I don't know what the motives behind his actions are but they don't interest me, because all I care about is that you are all well and we are on firm ground." It later materialised that he had hijacked the flight in a bid to seek asylum in Switzerland, where he surrendered to police at Geneva airport after jumping out of a cockpit window and scrambling down an emergency rope. Report by Sophie Foster.

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